Rich Consumer Data

Brought To Life for Customer Analytics, Data Enhancement and Audience Targeting

Really get to know your customers by adding Motivations, Attitudes, Buying Behaviours, Household Expenditure, Media Exposure, Health & Wellbeing, Sustainability, Finance & Economics and Needs-Based Segmentation where you need it most.

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Deepen Customer Engagement

Engage with customers based on their financial capacity, interests and motivations, rather that just on how they behave.

Add Life to Segment Personas

Create richer personas and add colour to existing ones with deep customer knowledge appended to your database.

Enhance Customer Analytics

Answer 'Why?' questions by boosting your database analytics with strategic market research insights.

Improve Audience Selection

Add a broad array of consumer attributes to your database for more flexible audience selection.

All you need is Location + Age + Gender to unlock a whole new world of privacy-safe, customer knowledge.

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Built on Synthetic Populations

Much More Than Geodemographics

The Synthetic Population Models that our consumer data is built on accurately represent each country’s household and person population with many millions of georeferenced, individual synthetic records with deep demographic profiling. They are further enriched with data from government microdata and market research surveys.

Fine Grained Data

Small cohorts and steep data gradients give substantially more accurate data estimates than geodemographics.


Built from synthetic, anonymised sources so can be used without the risk of infringing anyone’s privacy.

High Resolution Matching

Combines detailed postal and census geographies with age and gender to match at millions of levels with much higher resolution.

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Accessible Everywhere

Deep Consumer Insights Where, When and How You Need Them

Our three main geoTribes Cloud Services; Quick Append, Living Insights and Explorer plus our distribution affiliates, provide deep insights from consumer data, on-demand for survey appending, data enhancement, audience targeting and market planning.

Explore Our Rich Consumer Data

Bring It To Life For Yourself!

See how our rich consumer data varies across Age and Gender for any address in Australia, and the
USA. For New Zealand, Great Britain and Canada you can see geoTribes Segment information.