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Consumer Data Stack

The foundation of the geoTribes Platform is our Consumer Data Stack. This is a vast data repository of synthetic population data that is based on projected Census information and enriched with market research surveys and Government microdata using a unique machine learning and data fusion process. All data in the stack is...

Privacy-Safe: As it is built by fusing synthetic and anonymised sources, our data is fully privacy-safe and can be used with absolute confidence.

High Resolution: Our data goes beyond regular postal and census geographies by combining these with fine-grained age and gender to offer millions of match levels.

Comprehensive: The stack contains over 900 variables encompassing segmentation schemes, demographics, household demand, finance & economics, health & wellbeing, sustainability measures, attitudes, lifestyles, buying intentions and social values.

Proven: Data in the stack is based on rigorously prepared government microdata as well as RDA’s own proprietary primary research, all prepared using methodologies that have been proven through many years of exacting industry experience.

Advanced: The fusion process incorporates mathematical optimization and machine learning processes to create a truly unique data set.

Try Living Insights Data Appending for Yourself NOW!

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Simply enter a suburb or address and you can see for yourself in real-time the power of this uniquely rich and totally privacy-safe external data appending service.

Pick a country:
Enter an address:

The demo retrieves data from the geoTribes Living Insights API just as you would if you were using the service on your first-party data. You can build profiles for demographics, household spend & finances, health & wellbeing as well as attitudes, lifestyles and social values measures.

For the other countries, you can see geoTribes Segment information for any address and age and soon rich external profiling variables will be available for all 5 countries.

Note: The profiling information in the geoTribes Living Insights API is based on aggregated market research and Government microdata and contains no personal information whatsoever.
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