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The Platform

The geoTribes Platform provides a unique pathway for activating rich content from market research surveys and Government microdata. The rich content is combined with RDA’s synthetic population to create our consumer data stack, a vast repository of segmentation and consumer data that's held at a very granular level.

The consumer data stack is accessed through the platform’s secure cloud services; the Living Insights portal for data enhancement and the Explorer for planning and targeting solutions and is also used to create digital audiences.

The Living Insights portal provides enhancement services for first-party audience, customer and market research data to support applications like customer profiling, behavioural attribution, database segmentation and audience selection.

The Explorer provides solutions for retail network planning, OOH campaign targeting, regional profiling and performance benchmarking.

Activate your bespoke strategic market research findings in digital media, customer database and geospatial channels.

Our synthetic populations are built synthetically from the ground up using census, market research and Government microdata. As our synthetic people have never actually lived, for them privacy is not an issue.

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See For Yourself

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Enter any Australian address in the Living Insights demo below and you can see for yourself the power of this uniquely rich and totally privacy-safe data enhancement service.

The demo retrieves data from the geoTribes Living Insights API just as you would if you were using the service on your first-party data. You can build profiles for demographics, household spend & finances, health & wellbeing as well as selected Nielsen CMV psychology and media usage measures.

For the other countries, you can see geoTribes Segment information for any address and age and soon rich enhancement content will be available for all 5 countries.

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Enter an address:
Note: The profiling information in the geoTribes Living Insights API is based on aggregated market research and Government microdata and contains no personal information whatsoever.
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